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Appropriately, 2016 is a LEAP year!

What better time to start writing for LEAP Plus?

Sanaz Fotouhi has taken the trouble to write about her vision for the future of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators. Read about how the incoming executive director of APWT how she came to her passion for discovering literature from different cultures.

From this year LEAP+ will feature writing from APWT members and special guest. We are looking for contributions in the way of essays on the crafts of creative writing and literary translation,  short stories (fiction) and will consider some poetry.  You can become a contributor when you join APWT.

We were grateful to UNESCO for its support for LEAP+ last year.  Funding was for only 12 months, so we are now searching for a new source of support so we can pay guest contributors. In the meantime, we promote articles in LEAP+ on our large social media platforms.

LEAP+ no longer features Events and Opportunities. These extensive listings are now on the Asia Pacific Writers & Translators site, exclusive to APWT members. We are trying to make APWT sustainable, so please join us to support this not-for-profit association.

me, touched upJane Camens (jane.camens@leap-plus.com)




profile pictureRead how the incoming executive director of APWT, Sanaz Fotouhi, came to her passion for discovering literature from different cultures.


IMG_4511Discover the draft program for APWT’s 2016 SOUTHERN CHINA summit, ‘Ideas and Realities: Creative Writing in Asia’.


Neeta GuptaExplore Bookmark, the sister festival to Jaipur, where the world’s publishing industry meets.



See Victor Sugbo’s article on his experience of returning to the language and culture of his father, based on a talk he gave at APWT 2015 in Manila.

Day Two Exec House Tim readsOur new Creative Section, with a first very funny and evocative piece, by Tim Tomlinson, Fragments toward a Memoir of New York, read for the first time at APWT’s 2015 conference dinner in Manila.


northern girls

Chinese-English translator Shelly Bryant writes that literary translators need the skill of an actor to imitate the voices of the authors they translate.



Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 1.01.56 pmCityU MFA graduate Sreedhevi Iyer argues that her degree in Asian Writing answered Junot Diaz’s criticism that most Creative Writing workshops are ‘too white’.


Writer Development Editor Laurel Cohn writes about the importance of a healthy story backbone, and offers advice.





rejectAndrew Madigan will cheer you up about dealing with the dreaded rejection letter.



And much, much more within these pages.