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LEAP+ is the official webzine of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT). If you’d like to write for or guest co-edit an edition of LEAP+,  let us know what you’d like to do to assist the careers of writers in the Asia Pacific region through these pages. LEAP+, which enjoyed 12 months of UNESCO funding, is not currently funded. Articles will appear on these pages infrequently until a new funding source is secured. Contact Jane Camens via admin@apwriters.com if you’d like to be involved with us. 


How does writing from other continents find its way to European publishers in today’s competitive book industry? And how do we interact with markets and literary scenes as remote as those of China, India or Indonesia? Eliza Vitri Handayani shares her thoughts on Making Literature Travel.

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Read how APWT’s new General Manager, Sanaz Fotouhi, found her passion for literatures from different cultures.



Neeta GuptaExplore Bookmark, the sister festival to Jaipur, where the world’s publishing industry meets.



See Victor Sugbo‘s article on his experience of returning to the language and culture of his father, based on a talk he gave at APWT 2015 in Manila.


Day Two Exec House Tim readsEnjoy Creative Selections, with a first very funny and evocative piece, by Tim Tomlinson, Fragments toward a Memoir of New York, read for the first time at APWT’s conference dinner in Manila.


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Chinese-English translator Shelly Bryant writes that literary translators need the skill of an actor to imitate the voices of the authors they translate.



Writer Development Editor Laurel Cohn writes about the importance of a healthy story backbone, and offers advice.



rejectAndrew Madigan will cheer you up about dealing with the dreaded rejection letter.



And much, much more within these pages.